Residential Customers

As your District, we take pride in providing you with quality tap water and handling your wastewater services. We also provide operations for the Cherokee Ridge Golf Course, local street lighting, common-area landscaping, and maintenance of community parks. As a residential customer of the Cherokee Metropolitan District, we welcome your input and are here to serve you. Please know you are always welcome to attend our monthly board meetings and we’re available for any questions you might have.

Cherokee works hard to provide the highest quality of water and customer service. If you have questions about your bill, starting or ending water service, reading your meter or making a payment, we have information readily available for you. We also take pride in providing public awareness and education regarding how to prevent contamination and pollution through backflow prevention and cross connection in the links to pages listed on the left.

Winter Average 

Sewer charges for winter averages are calculated by averaging your home’s water usage over the winter months of December, January, and February. As an example, if a residential account used six, eight, and seven units respectively over these three months, the average of seven units per month would be charged effective March billing through the remainder calendar year.

In any given month thereafter if water usage exceeded seven units, the account would only be charged seven units, or less, depending on the usage.

Please be conservative with warm-days lawn irrigation, vehicle washing, etc., during these months to keep your sewer winter average to a minimum.