Title Company

Final Bills

If you are a title company and are requesting the status, or an estimated final water bill of a property, please fill out and return our Title Estimate Request Form via fax to 719-597-5145, or you may email it

Because we estimate these final water/wastewater bills, we strive to get as accurate of a read as possible. Therefore, we do not send these requests back to you until three days prior to closing. If this closing will be done by mail-out, please notate this on the form, and provide the date that you will need it by. In the case that the final bill is over-estimated, we will send a check to the seller. In the case that the final bill is under-estimated, we will send a bill to the seller. If the bill remains unpaid, the buyer will assume the debt as pertaining to the Special District Statute - Title 32. Failure to pay such debts will result in the unpaid charges becoming lienable.

Turning On Service

Buyers or new customers are responsible for calling the office to sign up for new service. Failure to do so will result in the services being disconnected. Of course, once we hear from the prospective resident, we are more than happy to reinstate service with no fee. However, If the prospective resident schedules a “meet to turn on” appointment and fails to meet us, the service will remain off. Scheduling a second trip will result in a $25 trip fee. This fee will not be collected at the time of turn on, but rather accrue on their first water/wastewater bill. Meet to turn on appointments are made at the discretion of the District. Duration of vacancy, and sub-zero temperatures are a couple of the factors considered in the decision.


Please note that there are monthly, ready to serve, district fees for all vacant land, homes, and commercial properties. If there is a change in the closing date or a cancellation, please contact us during our normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 719-597-5080.