Outdoor Conservation Tips

Steps can be taken to reduce your overall usage and help you save money. Here are some helpful outdoor conservation tips.

  1. General Tips
  2. Irrigation Systems
  3. Plants, Trees, Shrubs & Garden

When To Water

  • Avoid watering on high-wind days.
  • If you notice excess pooling or run-off, you are watering too much.


  • Weed your lawn and flower beds frequently. Weeds will rob your plants of much needed water and nutrients.
  • Consider installing turf grasses with lower water needs.
  • Choose plants and grasses that require less water.
  • These plants can be very attractive and can survive water restrictions and drought better than other plants.
  • Don’t forget about rocks, gravel, benches and other items that can be used to creatively decorate your yard.

Swimming Pools & Car Washing

  • If you have a swimming pool, make sure it is covered.
  • This will help reduce evaporation.
  • Always use a positive shutoff nozzle when washing your car.