Common NameScientific NameTypeWaterSunFlower ColorSizeUsesImages
Bear GrassNolina microcarpaOrnamental GrassLowFull SunWhite36 to 72 InchesAccent, slopesBear Grass
Blue FescueFestuca ovina glaucaOrnamental GrassVery Low to ModerateFull SunN/A6 to 12 InchesGroundcover, specimen, border, mass plantingBlue Fescue
Feather Reed GrassCalamagrostis x acutiflora ‘Karl Foerster’Ornamental GrassLow to ModerateFull SunN/A36 to 60 InchesBorder, edging, accent, hedge or screenFeather Reed Grass
Japanese Blood GrassImperata cylindrica rubraOrnamental GrassLow to ModeratePart Shade or SunN/A12 to 18 InchesAccent, border, groundcoverJapanese Blood Grass