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1. Why was my water turned off when I have until 5 p.m. on the disconnect date to pay my bill?
2. Do you have any drop boxes available in town to drop off payments?
3. I moved but I am still receiving a bill, why is this?
4. Do you offer utility bill payment assistance?
5. What is the Availability Charge?
6. Why is my residential water bill $51.99, but I didn’t use any water?
7. Can services be automatically transferred back to the owner?
8. How do I terminate service?
9. I moved into my home this weekend and have no water. How do I get my water on?
10. How much notice is required to sign up for service?
11. Is the deposit refundable?
12. If I am renting a home in your District, why do I have to pay $150 deposit?
13. I am buying a home in your District. Do I need to pay a deposit?
14. How do I sign up for service?
15. Why did our rates increase again?