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What is Xeriscaping

The term Xeriscaping was created right here in Colorado. Denver Water fused the Greek word “xeros” (meaning “dry”) and the word “landscape” to form what we know as “xeriscaping” today. Unfortunately, xeriscaping has received a bad reputation over the years and is perceived as nothing more than a desertification of one’s yard. The misconception of “rocks and cactus” has replaced the underlying goal of an overall change in our water management philosophy and the idea of enlightened conservation. It’s important to recognize the true goal of xeriscaping, which is to understand our environment and to efficiently utilize available resources to create striking, efficient landscapes.

Why Should I Xeriscape

Colorado Springs’ climate is classified as an Alpine Desert and precipitation in this region averages only 14.76 inches per year. Because of this, we use over 50% of residential water to irrigate our lawns. While CMD is restricting water due to legal matters, not drought conditions, it shouldn’t relegate us to wasting water when it is available. It’s important that everyone in the region practice good conservation efforts to preserve our resource.

How Xeriscaping Helps

Xeriscaping helps by conserving and extending water supplies. Since watering has been restricted to two days a week, your water­-thirsty lawn will be the first to suffer. By selecting drought­-resistant grass, plants, trees and shrubs; we reduce our reliance on water to maintain a healthy yard. In fact, not only does Xeriscaping reduce water and maintenance costs up to 60%, but it can also increase property value 15% (Colorado WaterWIse Council). Xeriscaping provides everyone the opportunity to create unique landscapes that take into consideration our resources and environment.

Learning More

This is only a small introduction to Xeriscaping, there are a multitude of resources available if you are interested in learning more. Stop by our office where literature is available for your reference, or check out these websites: